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The Family Lamp

The Family Lamp is a concept we have not seen anywhere else and always makes Grandma cry when she opens it.

There are the same number of panels as there would be members of your family. The first panel would represent the parents. Then each sibling would be represented on their own panel, in birth order around the lamp.

Each parent and sibling would be represented as a full flower on their panel. Spouses would be represented as half flower. Grandchildren would be displayed as flower buds. We have even included family pets as butterfiles. Each person's flower is created in their birthstone color.

When the lamp is completed, your entire family is represtended around the panels of this shade.

When we create these one of a kind lamps, we also include a drawing of the lamp indicating family member's names, birthstone chart, and meanings of birthstone colors.

We guarantee this will make Grandma cry.



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