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Who We Are

Bill and Linda Musak have been working with stained glass since the late 1980's. They took a basic course (didn't know each other then), discovered a passion for the medium, and never looked back.

Bill's background in graphic arts, giftware marketing, and teaching provides a perfect base for operating a stained glass studio. He's bringing years of 3-D package design experience to stained glass and is creating original pieces that go beyond the flat windows. Summer of 2002, he taught a class at the prestigious adult education center, The Clearing, located in Ellison Bay, Wisconsin.

Linda organized the business in the late 1990's and has been offering private tutoring long before the studio was opened. To Linda's credit, all of her students are still very involved with creating the medium. She will be returning as a week-long guest instructor for stained glass workshop at The Clearing in Fall 2005.

Together, they have worked on many original pieces that are now located all over the United States--and soon to include Canada.


The Glass Palette
38500 North U.S. Highway 45
Old Mill Creek, IL 60083
Phone: 847.356.5719